Just a mid 2023 update

It’s June.How are things going for you? Where has the first half of this year gone? For me the time has gone into doctor’s appointments, various tests, blood pressure monitoring, struggling to generate power, work stress, reading, catch ups with old friends and family, a road trip around the north island, and a couple of […]

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Just 2 Years!

Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Just Heathers! I remember running the idea of “Just Heathers” past friends, and making the decision to get the domain name and set up the website. It all happened pretty quickly, and I am so glad I did. I always feel like my ideas are a little bit weird, and

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My first ARC

Fellow kiwi Georgia Peterson is a self published author of two books: The Butterfly Sanctuary and The Stars Aren’t Ready. I found Georgia on Instagram in 2022 when I created my bookstagram account to share my reading journey. I wanted to find community around my passion for reading, and especially connect with some other kiwi

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Happy New Year – 2023

Goodbye 2022… and Hello 2023! This year is all about regaining balance.There were a lot of changes and upsets during 2022 that derailed things and so my goals for the year are to align all the areas of life – work, home, personal – into a more manageable rhythm. Highlights of 2022:In January of 2022

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Heart Health

Thankfully I had a health appointment on Monday 17 October.They found that my blood pressure was extremely high, and later that day I felt the effects of the hypertensive crisis!Tuesday I went for blood tests, had a headache then broke out in a red hot rash in the afternoon.Wednesday I was woken up at 1am

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Mid Year Review

Recently I created another video for the Geeks Rising YouTube Channel (I’ll leave the video embed below).I love these short favourites/highlights videos! They help me reflect on the good things that have helped me get through the challenges of life. Just the process of finding the things that I’m grateful for and celebrating the sparks

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On January 9th, it was Just Heather’s first anniversary! Huge thank you to everyone who has checked out this project and supported me on my journey! 💖 2019-2022 and probably beyond…It’s been a roller coaster of highs and lows, and that theme has continued throughout January of 2022.As we are about to move into February

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