On January 9th, it was Just Heather’s first anniversary! Huge thank you to everyone who has checked out this project and supported me on my journey! 💖

2019-2022 and probably beyond…
It’s been a roller coaster of highs and lows, and that theme has continued throughout January of 2022.
As we are about to move into February let’s recap:

January 2022: New Year – New Me!
I have finally reclaimed my space after 2 very long, very trying years!
Holy crap it was refreshing to have the weight lifted, actually sleep and wake up not dreading the day.
Resentment built up to constant anger and it was soul crushingly exhausting.
I have taken the month of January to try unwind and then reconnect with myself before the busy-ness of life ramps up.
I started by slowing down my morning routine to really bask in the calm. And to make sure every evening I was watching the sunsets and last light on the hills.
Then I focussed on the meals I was preparing. Making an effort to cook wholesome meals even though cooking is not one of the things I enjoy doing, and something that I see more of a means to an end. When I am stressed or short on time I turn to quick meals, but I was barely getting in enough nutrients which naturally makes it harder to feel well.
After being more mindful and nourishing my body, I used the refreshed energy to undertake a purge and deep clean of the house. This was about reclaiming the spaces that were occupied by others and making them feel clean, calm and a part of the whole house and not separated as they had been. The cleaning was hard work and the enormity of the task hit me and made it feel exceedingly overwhelming. I beat that by cleaning 1 thing at a time. Literally, if I picked up one thing or wiped one surface I counted it as a win and celebrated it. Eventually the small things added up to getting through the whole house and it is so nice to have things clean, tidy and organised and just the way I like them.

New Solar Power System!
In January 2022 we bought 9 new 400 watt solar panels which are now installed and a part of a completely separate off-grid power system! The new panels are atop the shed roof and this second system powers all the electrical power tools, and will also run the hot water cylinder in my house, which at 3kw is too much for my little inverter that is part of the house power system. So not only do we have 9 new juicy solar panels to bring in the most power out of all the panels we own, we also have a 5kw inverter charger which is how I am now going to be able to power really high demand things.
I don’t usually recommend a roof-top installation as access to clean and any maintenance is important to be done safely. Also the pitch should be appropriate for where you are in the world to maximise the panel efficiency. However, access to the ground area in and around the front of the shed needs to remain open for vehicle access and therefore the only place for them was on the roof.

10 year old Hot Water Cylinder leaking…
Jan 31st – The first day of testing the new power system to heat the hot water in the cylinder, I hear a loud dripping in the cupboard… turns out the hot water cylinder has decided to bust a few leaks.
Here’s hoping that tightening up the pipes and fittings secures things and stops the leaks… T.B.C…

New developments for 2022
Due to circumstances outside of my control, my year is looking a little different than I imagined even 5 days ago…
I have a full time job, however this new development will be another position in addition to my current job and is going to be very time consuming. It’s also not something I’m able to opt out of.
Until I get confirmation of the details, I don’t quite know how I am going to manage it. Just to be clear, this is not a negative development – it just means I will have even less “free” time to expend on creative projects.

Where does that leave the New Projects & Old Projects: Just Heather’s, Women on Mic, Sunshine & PowerCuts
I am hoping to add to all of these in 2022.
The shape, form and timeframe for any additions to these projects is flexible and therefore it’s best to let go of any expectations.
When new things appear in those realms we’ll celebrate the bonus!

The only project not going ahead this year is the Sunshine Summit Livestream event.

How is 2022 going for you?
What reflections do you have from the year that was?
What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?

Thank you very much for your support along the way!
Here’s to doing our best to survive and hopefully, eventually thrive, just as best we can!

Just Heather x

2022 Calendar of Events:
January 9 – Just Heather’s Launch-versary
March – Sunshine & PowerCuts Launch-versary
April – Not Just Heather’s 1st Podversary
May 19 – Livestream For the Cure: Save the date! I will be live for a segment with some friends. Make sure you join in live! Share the event, and if you can donate!
May 27 – Women on Mic Launch-versary
August 14 – Sunshine & PowerCuts 5th Podversary
September – Mental Health Awareness Week
December – Off Grid 11th Anniversary