Just Heather – Update:
You know when you launch something too early… that’s the issue here.
Haven’t yet had a chance to work on the Just Heather podcast.

Sunshine & PowerCuts – Update:
Sunshine & PowerCuts will transform from 2 alternating episodes to just one episode released monthly.
The podcast is no longer separately hosted on Podbean however you can still listen via Podbean if that is your app of choice!

Playlist of both Just & Not Just Heather’s Episodes:

Podcasts available:

~ Just Heather’s Podcast
Short episodes (up to 20 minutes) will be similar to the bonus Patreon episodes I used to record for Sunshine & PowerCuts; a personal journal, akin to audio versions of the Just Heather’s Blog posts.
To be continued…
RSS: http://justheathers.com/category/justheather/feed/podcast/

~ Not Just Heather’s Podcast
Similar to the Sunshine Summit Livestream event – Me with Guests. Locally recorded audio where possible and edited.
To be continued…
RSS: http://justheathers.com/category/notjustheather/feed/podcast

~ Sunshine & PowerCuts Podcast
My first podcast. Launched August 2017. It features two alternating types of episodes: Sunshine ones offer inspiration drawn from nature, and the PowerCut episodes are insights into my journey of living off the power grid in rural New Zealand; relying on nature for power and being empowered by examples found in nature.
To be continued…
RSS: https://www.sunshineandpowercuts.com/feed/podcast/