✨ Just a little Magical ✨

I am a firm believer that Magic is a part of nature and, as we too are a part of nature, magic is a part of us.

It can be as simple as stopping to notice the magic of nature in a beautiful flower in bloom and basking in that moment.

Or doing something for another or giving a gift that makes their heart soar.

And as you may have gathered… I like to create, and I have a very strong connection to themes of light.

My current favourite quote is:
“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Albus Dumbledore

So here is a space to share a little magic to brighten up the world ✨

On My Bookshelf:
The Universe Has Your Back & Spirit Junkie – Gabrielle Bernstein
Women who run with Wovles – Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
The Little Ways to Make a Big Change Series – Herron
The self-care lifestyle – Herron
Joyful – Ingrid Fetell Lee
The Power of Intuition – Angela Martin
A New Earth – Eckart Tolle
The Path Made Clear – Oprah Winfrey

Crystals for Healing – Herron
The Crystal Experience – Judy Hall
– Yulia Van Doren

Spells and Charms – Pamela Ball
The Little Book of Earth Magic – Sarah Bartlett
The Witch’s Complete Guide to Self-Care – Theodosia Corinth
Mama Moon’s Book of Magic – Shemra Haksever
Moon magic for higher wisdom – Herron

Te Taiao Māori and the Natural World
The Forager’s Treasury – Johanna Knox

Tarot for Self-Discovery – Herron
The Little Book of Tarot – Katalin Patnaik
The Tarot & You – Lindel Barker Revell

Labyrinthos – Free App. Learn about Tarot, do readings, see a reflection of cards that have appeared for you. If you like the cards and want to purchase them, the proceeds go towards making the app free to use.

Non-astrological, just a moon phase calendar –
Moon Calendar for menu Bar – Rivolu LLC

Rockpool – Want to see the cards of various decks published by Rockpool Publishing? Check out the Rockpool app. You can draw cards for 1 or 3 card readings too.

Star Walk 2 – see what stars and other astronomical events are visible

Not necessarily magical, but one that shares stoic philosophy quotes and helps you journal and meditate –
Stoic app

Chakra Cards:
The Power of Charkras

Crystal Cards:
Crystals Book & Card Deck

Oracle/Affirmation Cards:
Little Ways to Make a Big Change

Tarot Decks:
The Spacious Tarot
Oriens Tarot
The Secrets of Tarot
True Tarot

Embrace Your Weird – Felicia Day
Creative Writing Journal – Julian Flanders
All About You – Herron
Anxiety Free Journal – Herron
Steal Like an Artist Journal – Austin Kleon
Stop, Look, Breathe, Create – Wendy Ann Greenhalgh
Moodles: Stressed, Grumpy, Joyful
49 Ways to: Think, Write, Eat Yourself Well
(I used to have The Pocket Scavanger by Keri Smith, but I gifted it to a friend)