Off Grid Life

Mid Year Review

Recently I created another video for the Geeks Rising YouTube Channel (I’ll leave the video embed below).I love these short favourites/highlights videos! They help me reflect on the good things that have helped me get through the challenges of life. Just the process of finding the things that I’m grateful for and celebrating the sparks […]

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July 2021 Updates:

Well, Season 1 of the Not Just Heather podcast was due to wrap up last month, however my off-grid system had a major failure during a particularly long period of un-sunny winter weather, which left me completely without power. I am very lucky that lasted less than a week before the generator was fixed and

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Just… Feb 2021

This post has been in draft form for a few weeks of February. I don’t know what to call it. So settled on the title above. It was a crazy busy month, with some epic highlights and unfortunately ended with some deep lows. How has it been for you? The biggest epic highlight this month

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