When a song pops up, just when you need it…

In my prep for the last blog post, I did some research into quotes about the theme to Just Be You.
The top search result was actually the song of that title by Anthem Lights (you’ll find it amongst the songs in my playlist). It’s a nice pop reminder that there’s no one else that is you, and you matter.

I love music.
I listen to music more than anything else, and my taste in music varies wildly.
I know there’s a lot of great content out there – podcasts, audio books…
Music just … washes over me easier, especially while I’m concentrating while working or driving, rather than when I listen to spoken word.

Music for me also often has an attachment to a memory, event, or feeling… Music can help me unwind, or get motivated, or wallow, or burn in the angst. Or it can take me back to when I was a teenager making a mix tape, recording songs off the radio onto cassette, trying to start recording at the right time to miss the announcer or advertisement. Or when I needed courage whilst competing at a horse riding event and of all things sung S Club 7’s Bring it All Back to myself.

What songs have come to mind when you’ve needed them, or when you’ve been in certain situations or when you’re reminded of something?

I’ve had friends recommend songs in the past for various moments. One of these was Jonathan Coulton’s I Feel Fantastic, which you’d be hard pressed not to smile whilst listening to that one. I’ve loved JoCo, since I heard Code Monkey. And my all time favourite Still Alive from the game Portal.

Still Alive is such a favourite (despite it being awful; the in-game artificial intelligence, GlaDOS wants to kill your game character). There’s a great version by Jonathan Coulton, featuring Sarah Quin & Dorit Chrysler who played the theremin. I have sung a short snippet of it live during my segment for Livestream For the Cure 2.0. And, there was an opportunity one year to record a full cover of it with a friend, which was amazing! I love how it turned out and if you’d like to, you can listen to the full song here.

John left a comment that Pink Floyd’s – Time came to mind after seeing a photo I shared of a watch I’m enjoying.

Music apps suggest songs for you, or generate playlists based off of your listening history and preferences. Sometimes they are hit or miss, but when they hit I often stop to really listen. I also enjoy seeing what they come up with for their summaries of your favourites for the year that was. There are apps to help you figure out what a particular song is that’s playing, which can be great especially when you’re terrible at remembering names of songs or artists like me! Maybe you share playlists with friends?

Maybe the jingle from a tv show or song in a movie is just right for the scene, or what you needed to hear at the right time.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Thanks to looking up S Club 7 above, my playlist is now playing Backstreet Boys…

Happy listening,

Just Heather x