90 Days…

Achievement Unlocked: 90 pages completed of my “page a day” 365 journal.

A lot of planning and goal setting things focus on 90 days.
Roughly 3 months.

In terms of habit forming, it still isn’t always easy to make time for it. Even though it seems simple.
Sometimes it’s the hardest when things are going really well – too busy in a good way…
But what does help is that I set the intention to do a page every day of 2021 because I know how much it helps me, so I have a really positive foundation for it. Also, it’s the only thing I require of myself each day, and even then, I give myself grace and often go back and add things in (usually the following day, especially if I have suffered a migraine).

The beauty of this blank page journal is that it offers freedom, in how you use the space, and also a limitation, you only have one page.
I love the big bold numbers in the top corners. They stand out, especially when I fill as much of the space as possible. It also allows me the corner to use for drawing what the weather is, and I use basic shapes: sun, cloud, sun peeking behind cloud, rain. With a brief mention of temp if it is vastly different e.g. “HOT!” or “HUMID!” seem to be complaints, and “cool temp day” are my sighs of relief.

Some pages have more on them than others, but quantity isn’t a measure of success.
Each day I use it however I need to. Whether it be a checklist, brainstorming projects, bullet point notes, long ‘traditional’ journal style entries, things I am grateful for, rants and rages, hopes and dreams…

This year it has helped keep me from slipping too far into depression. It hasn’t kept me from it, but it’s one of the things that has helped me be a little more buoyant.

Just Heather x
P.S. Here’s where I introduce the 365 journal

Completed 90 pages of my 365 “page a day” journal.