Preparing for new podcasts…

The journey has begun.

So grateful to have been able to recently record with 3 wonderful people last week in the preparation for launching Not Just Heather’s podcast.
You can find the details of each guest (once episodes are published) and the introductory episode here.

By creating Just Heather’s as a place to share things I have been working on, doing and enjoying, I wanted to include a podcast from the beginning, one that gave me the freedom to share personal journal audio style entries outside of the off-grid experience and nature theme that is the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast. This podcast will be called Just Heather’s Podcast, and will feature short episodes.

Not being able to host the Sunshine Summit Livestreams this year, I wanted a way to connect with people and share their stories of connections. So I thought of a spin off where it’s not just me, but where I am joined by guests.

So grateful for the wonderful people who I have been able to record with so far and more that are looking forward to joining me and I can’t wait to record with them!

It has been such a huge boost for me personally to have so many calls booked with friends and people who share their passions and expertise with the world. I also love where the conversations have been going. The structure is described in the introductory episode and follows the format of the Sunshine Summit livestreams: I introduce the guest and share my connection with them, then shine a light on their journey and they share stories and connections from along the way, and at the end we have the ways in which the listener can connect with them.

So far the biggest challenge is editing.
Editing is hard, haha but I knew it would be. That’s the reason the Sunshine & PowerCuts episodes were short… because I don’t have a lot of time to edit. But the benefit of having launched a podcast before, and knowing in advance how much time and effort goes into editing, I am preparing ahead of the release date (which is yet to be confirmed, but stands at late April at the time of this post).

In so far as I can, depending on when I am able to record with people, the idea is to group certain episodes together so that there’s a larger connection theme between them, whether that be that the guests know each other, or they produce similar content, or other themes that will help build on connections for the listener.

I am really excited about these projects, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been supportive on Twitter and Instagram, and those behind the scenes <3 It means the world to me to have so much support going in!

Just Heather x (and soon to be Not Just Heather… 😅 )