Heart Health

Thankfully I had a health appointment on Monday 17 October.
They found that my blood pressure was extremely high, and later that day I felt the effects of the hypertensive crisis!
Tuesday I went for blood tests, had a headache then broke out in a red hot rash in the afternoon.
Wednesday I was woken up at 1am with an extremely painful headache and eye pain. Aspirin helped and I was able to eventually get back to sleep. The rest of Wednesday was a very quiet day and the headache returned.
Thursday we had the blood test results, and while I was in the clinic I had another allergic reaction but they gave me a dose of prednisone and I had to return for a follow up appointment to check the prednisone was working. Once my prescription was filled that afternoon, I was able to begin medication.

I have family history of heart health issues. Specifically, high blood pressure and heart disease. I also have family history of hypothyroidism.
My blood pressure was through the roof, the highest being 220/190 and as I monitored it over the course of last week it remained high.
I definitely felt terrible, splitting headaches and eye pain, tight chest, and exhaustion.

The blood tests revealed I was also anaemic. So hopefully not that I am also on an iron supplement I’ll start to feel better.
I’ve finished the short course of prednisone now, and I hope whatever it was is behind me.
And, so far I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects from the blood pressure medication.
It’s taken a few days to start to feel better. I wasn’t able to do much at all, except rest. And by the end of this week I will hopefully be able to go and get my groceries.

It isn’t easy to get an appointment to see a health professional in New Zealand or get adequate care, and I am very fortunate that I had a new health team that have been very thorough investigating my heart health and providing a treatment plan.

I’m extremely grateful that they caught my high blood pressure before I had a stroke or worse!

And I’m hopeful that with medication and monitoring I’ll feel better.

If you haven’t had a checkup in a while, I highly recommend you make yourself an appointment!

Heather x