It’s been a little while since the last blog post, and the most active page is the over on Books where you’ll see updates on some of the things I’ve been reading… Rather than spending time on social media, I’ve migrated away from what essentially was not energising me, and have instead spent my “spare time” enjoying numerous books that are physically on my shelves as well as ones borrowed, and buddy reading a few with some friends. Reading has been a life saver. It has helped me escape, destress, take time for me, and has brought me so much enjoyment and sparked creativity! I’ve been loving it! I am so glad that over the last couple of years I have re-prioritised reading in my life. Have you been reading anything lately? If so, what books have been your favourites and why?

Currently, most of the action is happening behind the scenes.
…I just have to say, migrating to new hosting services is not my favourite admin job and what a nightmare that has been. Not only have I had issues with the migrations, but the internet has decided to give up making everything exceedingly difficult. However, we will persevere and hopefully soon everything will be working as it should… or it will all break. Either way, things are happening, and hopefully things will be okay.

Website Updates:
Sunshine & PowerCuts has been updated with the current power system status in 2024 and review of how things have been going in that arena… (not well). The weather has not been conducive to life off grid, but more specifically the limited capacity of my particular system. 2024 may see an improvement as there is a pending upgrade to the battery bank which is scheduled for late March/early April. It would be fair to say I may have my hopes set too high… but as I like to say, you need alternatives to your alternatives, and so I’m not relying on this pending upgrade. Just hoping that it will greatly enhance my available storage capacity to ease the restrictions currently in place.

Life update:
Well, work and other ventures are stressful. They continue to leech the happiness and energy and passion out of my life.
I’m still on high doses of blood pressure medication and I would not be coping without them. Currently, diet, exercise, meditation and reading time are not quite enough to get me through each day without the meds. But – there is a light at the end of the tunnel! And I am hoping things will start to stabilise (work wise) towards the end of this calendar year. Fingers crossed.

Brighter news:
A friend of mine is participating in the upcoming 12 hour Sebring iRacing event and I volunteered our Sunshine Summit Sun emote for a logo for his team’s car! I will be sharing more info on this, but I am stoked to be able to lend a bit of sun power to the team, and am wishing them all the best for their practicing and the event itself! My friend has a 3-4 hour segment and if possible I would love to tune in. As I said, more details to follow.

Birthday update:
It still feels weird not to be hosting live Sunshine Summit events in the lead up to and on my birthdays… I thoroughly miss the opportunity to connect with others and share time together.
This year, I’m hoping to have the day off to change my scenery and enjoy some tasty treats.

How is 2024 shaping up so far for you?
What have you been working on?
What are you looking forward to as we head towards the second quarter?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed the migrations go well here and things continue to work as they should… and I’ll check in with you again soon.

Until next time,
Heather x