Bandrew Scott

Bandrew is one of my early and most important connections on my content creation journey.
When looking for a microphone to record my first podcast in mid 2017 the Podcastage YouTube Channel was the resource that helped me overcome the overwhelm and make an informed decision. I chose the Samson Q2U, and shared my first episode with Bandrew when it was published. Bandrew recommended I look into Better Podcasting and I turned up to one of their live recordings of their episodes and connected with Stargate Pioneer, Stephen Jondrew and Emily Prokop.

I stuck around the Podcastage community and joined the Discord server that Bandrew launched in September of 2017. The Podcastage community has brought so many connections with others that I am entirely grateful for, and the discord server is my most favourite place on the internet. Previous guest Mark Diaz is one of those amazing connections.

In December of 2017, Bandrew and I co-hosted a livestream for the Better Podcasting community because SP & SJ weren’t able to host an episode. That was a lot of fun! Then in March of 2018 Bandrew joined me for the finale of the first Sunshine Summit Livestream event. And he came back to be a part of the second event where we had an encore playing Portal 2 on Twitch.

We’ve co-hosted a segment for International Podcast Day, and the 4th Livestream For the Cure. Bandrew invited me to have Sunshine & PowerCuts became a part of the Geeks Rising Podcast Network of which Zach, Logan, Cody, Malcolm & Ducky are a part of and since then we’ve done a few Geeks Rising livestreams

Throughout the conversation we talk about Bandrew’s journey, and all the milestones (celebrating milestones is one of my favourite things to do) with Podcastage, the Bandrew Says Podcast, Bandrew Plays, Watchcastage.

I restate Bandrew’s PSA about turning your headphones down. Protect your hearing! …

Bandrew talks about what audio is to him. And it’s a good reminder to tune in to the world around you.

I ask about various types of forms of inspiration to try and shine a light on Bandrew’s journey of connecting with the things that he makes.

We talk about consumption of content, and reading books.

I loved this conversation so much. It had been a long time since we have had a chance to catch up and we had a lot of fun and laughed a lot.
We also fell off the rails many times, but I’ve left in a particular segment where a bit of shade was thrown and we ended up in a fit of laughter.

On a more serious note, I have learnt a lot from Bandrew and value his approach to helping others and sharing his journey and if you haven’t discovered all that Bandrew creates I highly recommend checking them out.

You can find more about Bandrew & his content here:

@bandrewsays & @podcastage on Twitter

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