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One of the first podcasting resources recommended to me was Better Podcasting, of which Stargate Pioneer (SP) co-hosts with Stephen Jondrew. I turned up to one of their live recordings of an episode and connected with SP. Since then, SP has supported my journey with podcasting as he does for many others through Better Podcasting, the Gonna Geek Network, reddit and other audio community’s like Podcastage.

SP is grateful for Bandrew’s reviews on Podcastage which allowed SP and Stephen to focus on podcasting rather than also reviewing gear.

Previous guest Josh Liston is a member of the Gonna Geek Network and talk about Better Podcasting a lot throughout our conversation. Johnny Pennington was one of Josh’s highlights from the Gonna Geek community and SP shares a little more about Johnny’s involvement in the community.

SP loves helping others and enjoys hobby podcasting. SP shares the golden rule of hobby podcasting, which even he breaks but it is important to keep in mind.

I share how Better Podcasting tends to address the things that I need to hear in a timely manner.

We talk about the evolution of Better Podcasting and the now separate Live show where Stephen and SP have more direct interaction with their live audience and those that send in questions.

I ask SP what the Gonna Geek Network means to him and he shares about the community of shows that make up the network. There’s the Gonna Geek Discord Community where people can connect on topics they are interested in.

SP talks about what podcasting means to him as a creative outlet and hobby and being able to connect with others about his interests. He has enjoyed many opportunities in 2021 to make guest appearances on other shows and one that he highlights was talking about The Rescuers.
Check out SP’s Podchaser profile to see his more of his guest appearances.

SP has joined us for the Sunshine Summit, Sail Away with SP episode of Sunshine & PowerCuts and I joined Better Podcasting for their special International Day Podcast episode as having the opportunity to narrate a Christmas Special segment one year.

Stephen and SP who have such a great dynamic on Better Podcasting, have known each other for many years at this point but have not had the opportunity to meet in person. However SP shares the story of meeting and getting to know Stephen’s brother first.

Podcasting and working on projects around home including cable management and rebuilding an engine project have helped SP get through the past 12 months.

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