Not Just Heather

Heather is joined by guests, join them as they share stories of connections.

Bandrew Scott

Bandrew is one of my early and most important connections on my content creation journey.When looking for a microphone to record my first podcast in mid 2017 the Podcastage YouTube Channel was the resource that helped me overcome the overwhelm and make an informed decision. I chose the Samson Q2U, and shared my first episode […]

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Stargate Pioneer

One of the first podcasting resources recommended to me was Better Podcasting, of which Stargate Pioneer (SP) co-hosts with Stephen Jondrew. I turned up to one of their live recordings of an episode and connected with SP. Since then, SP has supported my journey with podcasting as he does for many others through Better Podcasting,

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Mark Diaz

Mark and I are both members of the Podcastage Discord community and that’s how we connected. Mark joined us for the March 2019 Sunshine Summit. When you visit you’ll find things that Mark has created. Mark has a love of music and Mark’s Music Collection was his first foray at exploring music through podcasting.

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Nicholas Haskins

I met Nick through the wonderful Emily Prokop of E Podcast Productions and the network of podcast connections. Emily is one of Nick’s most important connections he has made through his podcasting journey. We have an ‘Emily Awe and Appreciation’ moment. Emily has hosted several podcasts, and edits and helps podcasters, but has also been

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Cody Jaey

Cody is a wonderful connection I made through Logan Naugle of Geeks Rising when Logan and Cody created the post apocalyptic audio drama podcast called Stuck Listening. I provided my voice for their episode Shock Jocks and the CRT in Season 1. Previous guest and fellow Geeks Rising member, Zachary Jackson wrote their final episode

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Joshua Liston

Josh is a friend I met through our mutual connection with the Gonna Geek Podcast Network.The Gonna Geek community and the show Better Podcasting that is part of the network have had a huge impact for Josh.A few notable connections have been Stargate Pioneer, Stephen Jondrew & Johnny Pennington. I have had the opportunity to

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Logan Naugle

Logan is a friend I met through our mutual connection with the Geeks Rising Podcast Network.Logan hosted The Paper Robots podcast on the Geeks Rising Network, which I enjoyed before becoming a part of the network with him. He has since gone on to form and is one of the co-hosts on On The Subject

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Zachary Jackson

Zach is a friend I met through our mutual connection with the Geeks Rising Podcast Network.He is one of the co-hosts on On The Subject podcast, with Logan and Malcolm and has also interviewed creators on Conversations With Creators. We have collaborated on Sunshine Summit & Geeks Rising Livestreams and I have been a guest

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