Cody Jaey

Cody is a wonderful connection I made through Logan Naugle of Geeks Rising when Logan and Cody created the post apocalyptic audio drama podcast called Stuck Listening.

I provided my voice for their episode Shock Jocks and the CRT in Season 1.
Previous guest and fellow Geeks Rising member, Zachary Jackson wrote their final episode Solomon Justice: Hard crimes in hard times.

Music, art, life. They all intertwine for Cody.

In March of 2021, Cody released a new song called Call My Name with his first music video to accompany the song.
He has previously released the album titled Almost Home.

Cody learnt how to play clarinet proficiently, then learnt piano, guitar and has a talent for singing. His brother Cosmo is his musical partner and together they have created music that, for me, has awesome weekend/summer vibes.

Cody shares about the making of Call My Name, both the genesis of the song and the development of the music video.

Calling himself an “artist” is something Cody struggles with because he hasn’t settled on one particular medium, however he loves and thrives on collaborative projects like making comics, music and podcasting.

Through his Patreon, he shares a lot of his creative works including a new Bootscoot Bootleg Radio show in which he interviews guests in-between music and callers can call in and request songs. His first guest was his brother Cosmo talking about their new single Call My Name and Cody, through the show, makes an incredible listening experience. It is a fun and creative way of delivering an interview.

When Cody was starting out he found Winston Hauschild who was a huge inspiration for him, and Cody would love to be that kind of inspiration for someone.

One of Cody’s important connections is Gabby Vee, and one of her exhibitions at & Gallery is how Logan and Cody met each other. Logan’s wife Cynthia has been supportive & encouraging Cody to not undersell himself.

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