Malcolm Russell-Nelson

For the love of comics and film.
Malcolm is a friend I met through our mutual connection with the Geeks Rising Podcast Network.
Passionate about comics and film, Malcolm is a manager of a comic book store, and one of the co-hosts of the movie review podcast On The Subject, with Zach and Logan.

Malcolm shares his comic book origin story and thanks to Malcolm’s recommendation of the Greg Pak Firefly comics during my guest recording with On The Subject of Serenity 2005, I have dived in to my journey with comics.

In the year 2000, a lover of reading, Malcolm visited the library regularly and branched out into comics from the selection available there and then at the supermarket came across an Ultimate Spider-Man comic. He owns every copy of the series and without it he wouldn’t have made some of the very important connections in his life!

We briefly talk about the importance of the online presence of the comic community.

We agree on the importance of the connection of being able to “hear” the characters in comics.

Malcolm compares reading the storyboards of a movie to a reading a comic, and power of the pacing, a page turn, the drama and personal danger of handling a physical comic…

He shares the nightly routine he has with comics that have helped him stay connected to and invested in comics.

Connections to people have really important in helping Malcolm get through. Malcolm knows of people who have lost their jobs due the closures of businesses but seeing their’s and others resilience has been inspiring. He also has a great support network around him.

Malcolm shares about how he came to be a part of On The Subject and his early connection with Zach and longtime connection with Logan. He also talks about what they cover on the show and how he prepares for it and what he looks for in film. Malcolm loves ideas, and the crux of films are the scripts. He loves a good superhero and enjoys the portrayal of a better world through both comics and film.

We briefly reminisce about the Jewel Staite Cameo that I arranged for the guys of Geeks Rising in 2020 to brighten their day.

Malcolm shares his podcast recommendations:
Film podcasts –
1. Blank Check
2. Empire Podcast

Comic podcasts –
1. Geeksplained with Aeric Azana
2. Cerebro

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