Nicholas Haskins

I met Nick through the wonderful Emily Prokop of E Podcast Productions and the network of podcast connections. Emily is one of Nick’s most important connections he has made through his podcasting journey. We have an ‘Emily Awe and Appreciation’ moment. Emily has hosted several podcasts, and edits and helps podcasters, but has also been a huge helper and supporter of the annual Livestream For The Cure event that Nick founded and hosts to raise funds for the Cancer Research Institute that supports immunotherapy research and clinical trials.

Livestream For The Cure is a huge livestream event of up to 50 hours of content to watch and interact with co-hosted by podcast partners and content creators who get together to provide entertainment and encourage donations. “Together we can make a difference”.

April 5th 2017 Nick announced the first annual Livestream For the Cure (LFTC). The event raised over $1200.
May 2020 event raised over $16,000.
The goal for 2021 is $15,000.

Lindsey & Perry Johnson are the highlight of past LFTC events. Both were excited to be a part of the event and then Perry was diagnosed shortly before the 2nd event with stage 4 cancer. Donations were raised to help them on their journey and sadly Perry passed away a few months before the 3rd event in 2019. However, Lindsey came back to participate in the 3rd event.

Cancer affects everyone and that’s why LFTC is so important to Nick and I and everyone who participates.

When Nick found the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast he was drawn to the Sunshine episodes. They helped him check in with himself and rediscover his light during particularly dark times. Nick says that it saved his life, and it is beyond incredible to know the impact it had for him and I am so grateful it helped because Nick gives so much to the world and he has so much more to give!

Nick hosts a podcast called Nikoli’s Kitchen in which he shares his journey in his kitchen and with positivity and Nick mentioned that it has roots in the Sunshine episodes of Sunshine & PowerCuts. We briefly touch on his previous show the RestauRant Podcast which was born from something negative, as opposed to Nikoli’s Kitchen which is founded in positivity.

Nikoli’s Kitchen radiates honesty and is a project that Nick wants to remain genuine. He talks about the truth that sometimes things don’t work out. And other times you smash them out of the ballpark beyond expectations. “You win some, you lose some.” Nick highlights that it is a conscious choice to be positive. We aren’t always going to have good times. The key is to acknowledge your limitations and accept that it’s ok to step back, ask for help and to take a break.

I share briefly about my journey of self-acceptance and that I still need the reminders and lessons of the examples drawn from nature to help get me through.

Walking has helped Nick to reconnect with his breathing, and give him fresh perspective. Playing video games helps him relieve stress. And having a supportive partner has been a huge light in Nick’s life. He opens up about it not being easy to adjust to so much loving support and he is incredibly grateful for his partner Rebecca. And as someone who cares very much for Nick, I am incredibly happy for them both.

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