Mark Diaz

Mark and I are both members of the Podcastage Discord community and that’s how we connected. Mark joined us for the March 2019 Sunshine Summit.

When you visit you’ll find things that Mark has created. Mark has a love of music and Mark’s Music Collection was his first foray at exploring music through podcasting. Adam Neely is a great communicator of music. Mark was also an avid photographer exploring the world and seeing Ben Brown’s book Field Work which is also found work has been inspiring. Architecture is also of interest to Mark, and he references the 2017 film titled Columbus which is known as the modern architecture mecca of the USA. He was captivated by it, and finds film an immersive experience. Mark’s Movie Collection was born out of being able to talk about films and the experiences he has watching them.

We discuss whether podcasts can be considered art. This theme flows throughout the episode.

The Regular Car Reviews youtube channel is an example Mark shares of a creative way of sharing car reviews.

Self expression and self determination are key facets of podcasting. To quote Mark “you create all of it.”

I side track about having conversations in general and what led to this project. Mark reassures me that sidetracks are a part of his journey.

We move to a discussion about show notes of podcasts, their function, convention, possible missed opportunities and alternatively how Mark utilises them. He likens them to the liner notes of albums for the people that care to go into the extra details of the band and their music.

Mark shares that time and energy are his main challenges to creating podcasts. I’d also like to congratulate Mark and his family and welcome their newest member of the Diaz family!

Podcasts often are passion projects and I asked Mark how he feels about all the time and effort expended on passion projects. He gains knowledge from podcasting and finds that valuable and reconnects with the memory of WTF podcast with Marc Maron had an episode about the film Sound City as one of the first podcasts that Mark got into.

Mark reflects my question back and I share a bit about what I get from podcasting and some of my experiences along my journey. I share about how great the books by Austin Kleon have been as references for me. It’s awesome to hear Mark’s reflection on his experience being a part of the Sunshine Summit.

We talk about community, and community helped facilitate Mark’s recent guest spot on On the Subject.

I love the discussion we have about the asynchronous nature of podcasting and lessons around that.

Mark’s dad enjoys cooking, and we discover that it’s not our passion but we do find that we both enjoy sandwiches…

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