Women on Mic Project

**Update: The Women on Mic project has a home at: https://womenonmic.org **

I am passionate about audio.
And there are lots of awesome women creating content online, and using microphones to help capture their voices.
While there are great resources out there on audio gear & reviews, a lot of them are hosted by men.

It’s hard to find raw (unprocessed) audio samples of women’s voices on various microphones.
If you Google ‘women on mic’ you’ll find many stock image websites for pictures of women and microphones….
But I also found a link to Girls on the Mic which is an awesome project by the Women’s Audio Mission organisation.
And there is a podcast called Women on the Mic by Kaavya Narayan.

One of my favourite resources is the Podcastage YouTube channel hosted by Bandrew Scott.
Though I have joked about starting my own collection of microphones, that’s not a feasible option.
Also my voice is only one, I am often prone to sibilance and mouth clicks, and am softly spoken with a New Zealand accent. But the key thing I have learned from Bandrew is that succinct and descriptive is the key to what makes his audio gear reviews useful.

I’d like to create a repository of raw audio samples of women’s voices on different microphones to help other women hear how microphones sound on the variety of pitches that different women have: The Women on Mic Project.

One of the key things about this project is that each person will have a different recording setup and space that they are recording in.
So I have created a template for the recording to help make the samples consistent in terms of their format, to provide enough of an audio recording (not too long or too short) to hear how the microphone sounds and to specify in the recording what the set up is so that information can be considered whilst listening.

Also each participant will be credited, especially so people can be directed to the content or other examples of their recordings.


If you would like to provide an audio sample, please use this form to do so: https://forms.gle/UHR5nsmztC6J7VT38

Please share the form with other women and encourage them to lend their voice!

Please note:
– One form entry and link to a recording, per microphone used.
So if you have more than one microphone, you can complete the form multiple times, each time with a different microphone.

Information provided on the form is for the purpose of creating an audio repository of raw audio samples with due credit to the women who provide them so that others may listen to these samples to help inform their microphone decisions.


You’ll be able to listen to the audio samples on the Women on Mic YouTube Channel.

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of the Women on Mic Project are available here and in the Intake Form above.

To connect on social media:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/womenonmic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WomenOnMic

JustHeather x