Joshua Liston

Josh is a friend I met through our mutual connection with the Gonna Geek Podcast Network.
The Gonna Geek community and the show Better Podcasting that is part of the network have had a huge impact for Josh.
A few notable connections have been Stargate Pioneer, Stephen Jondrew & Johnny Pennington.

I have had the opportunity to provide my voice for On The Bubble and have joined Josh as a guest on Deadset Podcasting where we share our podcasting experiences.

One of the shows Josh helps produce is called FYI All Things Mental Wellness. He’s so proud to be a part of this important and impactful show and we’d love for you to check it out.

Josh shares his journey honestly and openly. And can have a laugh at himself along the way. These are some of the things I most admire about him and I am so grateful for the times we get to connect and share our experiences with each other.

With a background in music, being in bands, and his journey in podcast creation & stand-up comedy, Josh talks about what success means to him.

Comedy was something that has changed Josh’s life, notably finding Bill Burr and his Monday Morning Podcast and fellow comedians.

Josh founded the Australian Podcasters Group on Facebook in 2013, and has since passed on the reins.
He has also been a judge of the Australian Podcast Awards.

Josh’s Podcasts:
On The Bubble – niche TV podcast: cancelled shows and fan campaigns for their favourite shows
Punching Sideways – local comedy podcast
Deadset Podcasting – podcast about podcasting and spoken word audio creation
Tips of the Slung – a NSFW sketch podcast from new-age spiritual leader ‘Josh Liston’

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