Logan Naugle

Logan is a friend I met through our mutual connection with the Geeks Rising Podcast Network.
Logan hosted The Paper Robots podcast on the Geeks Rising Network, which I enjoyed before becoming a part of the network with him. He has since gone on to form and is one of the co-hosts on On The Subject podcast, with Malcolm & Zach. Logan also hosted Conversations With Creators and has an audio-drama with Cody Jaey called Stuck Listening.

Logan is a writer and has created the Beard & Frog comic and will be publishing Serpent Inc.

Logan is passionate about storytelling.
He’s been in bands and loves collaborative projects like making comics, and our shared experiences as well as the metaphors in film for experiences.

Other than his connections with fellow Geeks Rising network member, Logan gravitates towards creative people, and his wife Cynthia Naugle aka Ten Times A Tiger is his most important connection. Cynthia is the head curator of & Gallery in Tucson.

Podcast Recommendations:
Working It Out
Empire Podcast

Logan often has Lord of The Rings on rotation in his watchlist.

And we take a tangent talking about the prolificness of Alan Tudyk.

You can connect with Logan by:
Reaching out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thatlogan
Or Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatlogan/
Visit Logan’s website: https://www.thatlogan.com/
Or support On The Subject on Patreon.

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