Not Just Heather’s Intro Episode

Hey everyone, welcome to the Not Just Heather’s podcast.

Inspired by the Sunshine Summit Livestream Events, the Not Just Heather’s Podcast is where I, Heather, am joined by an esteemed guest, and we share our connections and stories. The power of voice has always been something that has been important to me, and the connections we make have a huge impact on our journeys and this podcast brings people together to recognize and celebrate existing connections, as well as provide an opportunity to create new ones.

You can find information and replays from the Sunshine Summit here.

Here’s the introductory episode where it’s just me, sharing what this podcast is all about before our first guest joins us.
The format for this podcast is that I will introduce a connection with each guest and then tailor questions to each guest to help shine a light on them. what they do, and the stories they would love to share with us. Then we’ll finish each conversation with the ways you can connect with them.

At you can find information about each guest for further connections once each episode is published.

Thank you so much to each guest who generously shares their time with us.
And thank you listener for listening and sharing your feedback.

Special thanks to Logan, Cody & Zach for their love and support that helped this project come to fruition.

If you have a connection with any of the guests, please share them with us.
Or if you make a new connection with a guest after listening we’d love to hear from you.
And if you think someone else may benefit from discovering more about a guest, please share the episodes with them.

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