Happy Podcast (x2) Launch Day

Though this launch day is just the release of the introductory episode of both podcasts…
Just Heather’s & Not Just Heather’s Podcasts are now available!
These two links above are the RSS feeds.

The Subscribe to Podcast page has been updated for links to help you subscribe on various platforms.
And on the menu bar at the top of the website, Podcasts now has a drop down menu.

To add an RSS feed to your podcast player of choice:
Copy the RSS feed link
Then, in your app:
Find where to add a new podcast.
There might even be a specific button for RSS
Paste the RSS feed link.
Click add/save (whatever option is available to finish the process).

Or – you may be able to paste the RSS url directly into the search bar of the podcast player app

Here are some examples:
Podcast Addict –

Step 1: Open Podcast Addict
Click the + icon
Step 2: Click the RSS button on the left
Step 3: paste the RSS feed url (link) at the top.
Then click ADD at the bottom right.

Podbean –

Step 1: Open Podbean App,
Click Search which is the second icon in from the right.
You’ll see the search bar, and the + Feed button on the top right.
Click + Feed
Step 2: Paste the RSS feed url into the text box.
Then click Done.

Pocket Casts

In Pocket Casts, you can just paste the RSS url into the search bar and it will find the podcast for you.

Google Podcasts –

On my desktop, in Chrome, I went to Google Podcasts.
I clicked on the three lines on the left side (menu)
Then from the drop down menu chose + Add by RSS Feed which you can see highlighted in the image above.
I pasted the RSS url into the grey text field and clicked Subscribe.