New Year

Happy New Year – 2023

Goodbye 2022… and Hello 2023! This year is all about regaining balance.There were a lot of changes and upsets during 2022 that derailed things and so my goals for the year are to align all the areas of life – work, home, personal – into a more manageable rhythm. Highlights of 2022:In January of 2022 […]

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On January 9th, it was Just Heather’s first anniversary! Huge thank you to everyone who has checked out this project and supported me on my journey! 💖 2019-2022 and probably beyond…It’s been a roller coaster of highs and lows, and that theme has continued throughout January of 2022.As we are about to move into February

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2021 Reflections

What a year.How are you holding up? A few things have helped get me through.First, foremost and always; my cat Shadow.Without him I would be lost. Secondly, my 365 journal that I began January 1st 2021. My Page a Day as I call it. It has been the most solid and consistent wellbeing practice I

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